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Equipment for pickling and galvanized iron wire stringing
Publisher:admin Time:2015-03-13 15:17:48 Read:465 【Size:Large Middle Small

Galvanized iron wire and equipment to ensure the normal operation, to pickling line of galvanized iron wire, then acid-content, what does? what acid is qualified?
Galvanized iron wire equipment for pickling:
1, operations
Staff getting dressed, to add hydrochloric acid pickling pool, annealed wire into the acid reacts with hydrochloric acid to remove surface oxide layer within a pool.
2, quality requirements
Ensure wire pickling quality and amount of acid pickling bath control acid and acid.
Now let me give you an overview about the galvanized wire device setting out work:
1, operations
Insurance all dressed up, pickling annealing wire to put on line roller, and promptly with a wire for welding before firmly, keep lines smooth. Ground patrol line in the course of work, frequently picking to ensure normal operation of production line. Clean up the work site, and wind up power. </P>
2, quality requirements
Proficiency in stringing skills, proficient in welding technology, ensure that welding rate; inspection, threading, thread and other basic work, keep lines smooth lines out of silk or silk waste shall not exceed 3 laps/root, well placed, for black wire bundles, stringing more than minimum of not less than 10 wire ring/rack.
If you would like to learn more about galvanized iron wire issues relating to the selection, use and maintenance of equipment, please consult us.


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