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Black annealed iron wire production process
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Device can not be separated from galvanized iron wire galvanized iron wire, and we also know that galvanized iron wire there are two main groups, and hot-dip galvanized iron wire galvanized iron wire, coming up next, we'll first look at electro-galvanized wire:
Electro galvanized iron wire, galvanized wire, galvanized steel wire is also known. Galvanized wire factory from 0.14 mm to 5.0 mm in diameter, which can provide a coil, spool, in the form of u-shaped wire or a straightened cut tie wire galvanized wire.
Electro galvanized iron wire production, usually through a standard procedure to take control from steel bars under the coils, wire drawing, annealing, derusting, pickling, cooking, drying, zinc feeding wire coiling.
Electro galvanized iron wire size: 0.14 mm-5.0 mm.
Zinc-coated galvanized wire: about 8 grams to 12 grams.
Electro galvanized iron wire production process:
Wire-drawing-anneal steel wire coils-descaling-pickling-boiling-drying material-zinc-wire coiler
Meanwhile, we can produce and supply galvanized iron wire, Max 2203LB coil in each coil. We have a small coil wire-rewinding machine layout again in different diameter coil windings.
Other issues related to more electro galvanized iron wire device, you can also consult our galvanized iron wire equipment technicians, we will do our best to serve you

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