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What are galvanized wire manufacturer's specifications
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Galvanized iron wire equipment widely used should not be ignored, and when we choose galvanized iron wire, we must first understand its specifications, the only way to be truly effective the galvanized iron wire of choice to suit their own equipment:
Galvanized iron wire equipment specifications:
Building bound with wire is 22# (0.71mm), low price, characterized by flexibility, and difficult to break, is one of the best tie silk in the construction industry, which use low-zinc cold treatment of wire.
Galvanized wire application:
Products are widely used in construction, arts and crafts, the preparation screen, highway barriers, product packaging and daily civil and other fields.
Galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized wire electroplating differences:
Plating, the operation is very easy, just under the room temperature, using the chemical effects of currents, tightly fitted in a thin layer of zinc coated parts above, prior to the plating in order to ensure the quality, so that it does not fall off, the need for plating rust, polished treatment. While the heat would have been relatively simple, as the name suggests processed is zinc coated parts later on.
If you now need to choose a galvanized iron wire device, you may wish to contact us directly, I believe that our products will be your best choice.

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