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To preserve the environment of the grassland Ferro
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Wire mesh can be used in pastoral areas of grassland Prairie building can bebuilt surrounding grasslands and the purposes of fixed grazing, grazing,grassland capital plans to use, useful power of grassland use and grazing toprevent degradation of grassland, protect the natural environment. Alsoapplied to agro-pastoral households to establish family farms establishedborder control, farmland, forest nurseries, forest conservation, tourism andhunting enclosures, building isolation protection.
Prairie steel mesh Prairie NET to order. Grassland mesh product first usingAJ3F materials of high strength galvanized steel wire, with leading machineryand equipment processing, automatic twist knitting made carefully. Cowshednetwork planning innovative, solid, and impatience, closed, using the days arelong, and overcomes the shortcomings of a welded wire mesh welding spotwelding falls, once device never loose, usually steel mesh does not haveinterests.
Prairie steel wire mesh product interest: (implementation of standards based on the basic parameters of JB/T9075 galvanized steel wire fence)
1, Prairie net use AJ3F materials of high strength galvanized steel wire,
2, the corrosion resistance ability: steel, corrugated ring zinc plated, PVCplastic, plastic coated, other parts are made of rust-proof corrosion-proofmeasures, can be used to poor working conditions, life expectancy of up to 20years.
3, product planning: mesh wefts rolling wave skill, enhances flexibility andcushioning function, surface smooth, compact coiled section up to 4 times thestandard.
4, resistance to impact ability to 7.9KN



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